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5 Ways to Improve Your 40-yard Dash Time

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With the time of the NFL Combine looming and off-season workouts in full swing, make sure your 40 time and technique are top notch. One simple and popular thing to do is always picture yourself running a fast and successful time.

The smallest of details can improve a time greatly. One very important detail is your stance. As you prep yourself to run, always have your power/strong leg in front and your quick/side leg in the back. The allows for your strong leg to have more power to push off at the start and the quick leg to provide a quick step to get your stride going. Also, be sure to apply your weight to the strong leg to get more power. Try to not confuse that with leaning too far forward because that can throw off your balance and force to feel like you have to catch yourself right out of the gate.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind for the start of the 40-yard dash:

  • Line up your head with your spine so that it’s straight
  • Hips should be above the shoulders
  • Place hands about shoulder width apart and only fingertips should be touching the ground

The first 10 yards of a 40-yard dash are the most important. Once you get through the first 10 yards, it’s sprinting from there. Develop and learn new football skills at Contact Football Camps

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