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5 Football Tryout Tips

Football Tryouts

Trying out for a new team can be nerve racking. Practice, preparation and mentality play huge roles in tryout performances. Below are 5 tips that each player should put the effort into prior to tryouts:

  1. Train with professionalism: Athletes don’t become pros overnight. It’s a process and even the best players are always learning and getting better. Every day is a new day to achieve a new goal and get better.
  2. Develop a “Never Quit” attitude: Young players need to have the drive and passion to train every day and continue to improve. There will always be hardships and setbacks, this is where the “never quit” attitude comes into play. Never quit on that last rep, that last play or that game.
  3. Have a short memory: Players make mistakes all the time. No matter the level of player, there are always going to be mistakes. The biggest thing is to learn from that mistake and shake it off. Players must focus on the next play and not get distracted.
  4. Pay attention to coaches: Everything that coaches say must be retained. If players can do what the coaches ask, that will prove solid worth and discipline.
  5. Turn criticism into production: The saying of productive criticism applies perfectly here. Coaches will criticize as a way of teaching. The best of the best can take that criticism and turn it into success.  

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