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"Great camp! Great staff! Great facilities!"

— Terry Robiskie, Wide Receivers Coach, Miami Dolphins

"Just a brief note to say thank you for the Redlands Camp. Our boys (Eagles) from Arlington had a blast!!! All I heard from my son Travis on the way home from the airport was and I quote "It was tight!" Don't ask but apparently that means excellent. Today I had three of the boys who attended your camp and for an hour all I heard and saw in the backyard was the warm-up routine you use being shouted. Once again thank you for a job well done."

— Ceri Mock

"I think Contact Football Camp is one of the finest football camps in the country."

— Dave Wannstedt, Head Coach, University of Pittsburgh

"Contact Football Camp has enjoyed an excellent reputation over the years and I personally recommend their program. If you are serious about learning and improving your football skills, I strongly encourage you to enroll in this camp."

— Jason Garrett, Offensive Coordinator, Dallas Cowboys

"My son, David, attended football camp in Texas two weeks ago and he's still talking about it. he came home really motivated and excited about continuing his workout program. He was in the "D" group and received recognition for his position. I think this has given him confidence to accept the leadership role that he couldn't handle last year. Please notify us as soon as possible of next year's camp dates, he has some friends that want to go to."

— Mary Rodriguez

"Thanks for another great football camp. My son, Jay, attended last year's camp and enjoyed the experience immensely. It was his second year at your camp and, as a "veteran" he enjoyed the camp even more than the previous year. First of all, I believe your camp is a worthwhile "life experience" for any young boy. The opportunity to live outside his family environment, to meet people from diverse backgrounds, and to make new friends is worth the cost of camp. Secondly, the excellent role models which young campers are exposed to make a favorable, lasting impression. Not only the professional football players and coaches, but your camp counselors also contribute to a positive image for youngsters to emulate. Lastly, your program of football instruction is superb. The wide range of professional players and coaches which you bring into your camp is indeed impressive. However, it is the ability of these men to work with young football players which impresses me the most. I will encourage my son to attend your camp every summer until his senior year of high school."

— Commander James T. Price, U.S. Army

"My son was elevated to varsity after starting with the J.V. He feels your instruction gave him the confidence and know-how!"

— B. Patterson, Pittsburg, PA

"As you know, my son, Tom, has attended fours years in a row and it seems that the camp improves more each year. I don't know how you do it. Tom's home coach comments favorably on his physical conditioning, improved techniques and disciplined manner. I sincerely believe that Contact Football Camp has played a major role in his development as an athlete and an adult. Tom is looking forward to next year's camp and I am looking forward to sending him."

— Tom Mooney, House of Delegates, Annapolis, MD

"Only at your football camp do players really hit. It's the best camp around."

— Frank Verducci, Assistant Coach, Buffalo Bills

"Our son, Travis, had a very positive, excellent camp experience. Travis found the coaching staff to be outstanding. They were not only knowledgeable, but were very adept at conveying the information and making it interesting. He was challenged both mentally and physically over the course of the week and was able to increase his skill level dramatically. Travis met with coaches who expressed an interest in his college career - some are even Division I. This is the exposure we were looking for when we decided to send Travis to camp, so we are pleased at our decision."

— R. Stannard, Prince George, B.C. Canada

"This was my first overnight camp and I could not stop talking about it when I returned home. My love for the game was only reinforced when I had the opportunity to attend this camp. I felt that my skill level was increased and cannot wait until the football season starts to show others what I learned and also what they could learn by attending this wonderful camp. I look forward to next season."

— Overnight Camper at Menlo College

"Football camp was outstanding! Coaches were superb. A sports camp, especially football, could NOT have been better!"

— Overnight Camper at Lake Forest College

"The staff was excellent, very well organized and provided a nice education to the campers about football and life skills. Also what a great venue, awesome accommodations."

— Overnight Camper at University of San Diego

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